Our aim has been designing one unique garment of high quality which, thanks of its versatility, points out and enhances your personality. Verlana has no sizes, it’s timeless, it has no age… We don’t like stereotypes.


Verlanabcn was born from the idea “Wearever Barcelona”, a micro company winner of the second prize of the entrepreneurship contest “Junior Achievement Spain”. Sandra, Ana, Paula, Inés, Esther and Mariona saw the necessity in the market of a product like Wearever, now Verlana, and I, passionate about fresh, young and daring ideas, decided to take them over in this adventure

After working more than 25 years as a Director of People Development in multinational companies, I decided to turn my life around and dedicate myself to one of my passions: the image and how much it tells about us.

The Verlana woman has a closet full of “what should I wear?”, she travels for work or for leisure, or she is tired of “just in case” clothes, but … she does not want to sacrifice the quality of her looks.

With Verlanabcn I wanted to convey those values that I find essential today, especially those related to women: it is a versatile garment, without sizes, timeless, aimed at women who want to wear comfortable clothes, because they do not stop “not even for a minute” in their day to day.

Verlanabcn is a life project that we want to share with you: we believe in it because it is a project with soul, since we knit the wool until it reaches you.