(Español) ¡Antes, amate a ti misma!

When I teach you a Verlana, many times you tell me: “Try it, I do not have grace!”. When I hear this, I almost always answer the same thing: “How not? Try it and you’ll see. ” I look at you and I see very different girls and women, each one with your style and I try to imagine in what way Verlana would favor you more.

Sometimes I get to change your mind and see how you power. And this makes me immensely happy.

I ask myself and, without a doubt, I include myself: why is it difficult for us to look in the mirror without being so critical? Are we aware of what we say to ourselves? Do we pamper ourselves enough? … Let us think of a moment in all the good that we have and put it in value.

In fact, I think that a woman who values ​​herself, loves herself and is not afraid to highlight her qualities, is encouraging others to be able to do so. And not only friends, but also our own daughters. How important it is that they grow up with a referent mother, I will not say without complexes, because we are human and we all have our things, but with mothers who accept, pamper and feel compassion towards what they do not like so much about themselves.

I think that a garment like the Verlana allows women to stand in front of the mirror and experiment from the basic positions, because it is almost like a game and as such, there is no judgment … It allows to take out the girl that we have inside and that sometimes we forget in favor of unattainable stereotypes, age, lack of time or money …

Look in the mirror and play with the different options, always within your style, because I’m sure many will favor you.





Montse Paituví Mansachs

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