(Español) Algunas ideas para usar tu Verlana

In today’s post, I’ll reveal some tricks to play with Verlana. There I go!

There are six basic positions, although as we know, you can come up with more:

The cape position, for example, is optimal for special occasions, and adds an elegant touch to your look. You can wear it with short or long dresses, or with high waist pants with a top or a sweater on the inside. The same as the bolero option, although the layer also helps you to go more informal.

Buttoned as a cardigan, you’ll see that it suits with everything. Forget about the top part, because the garment itself monopolizes all the attention, as well as the poncho. And now that I have mentioned pocho… you can leave the side buttons unbuttoned or buttoned; you can put on a belt and leave the back loose, you can grab the front side to the waistband of the pants… as you see, it’s about trying and trying …


The vest position also looks great; your look will be more exposed because the Verlana will not cover your basic look. Also it becomes a much more special garment than if you put it simply as a scarf.

You can also put the Verlana as a shawl, a neck, a scarf... In winter, these positions are ideal to be worn over coats, anorak… and once you get in indoor places, you start over again! Change the position of the Verlana depending on the occasion.

Do you dare to turn things around?


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